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This is NOT a franchise, and there is nothing further to purchase from me. I take no percentage of your revenue. You can earn your entire investment back in one day in a couple of hours. I have been performing these services in commercial settings in Ontario Canada since 1989.

I'm looking for several individuals in the US and internationally interested in doing what I do. I spent 2 years compiling a 350+ page blueprint outlining exactly what I do and how I do it. My training manuals teach you everything you need to know. Nothing is left to chance. Follow my easy to follow instructions and you can profit very nicely in your business community as I have in mine.

Learn How To Make $1000 Daily in Your Spare Time

This is NOT like the traditional ceiling cleaning and maintenance service you've heard of and researched on your way to finding me. I started in that business and developed a better way.

This is not a commercial cleaning business program written by many you'll find on the internet who don't know what they're talking about. I'll share my own unique, and proprietary methods that serve the same commercial cleaning customers more effectively, efficiently, and with a much higher level of satisfaction.

This is a value added service that can earn you an outstanding full or part time income.

A high net profit business opportunity exists for those wanting to clean and maintain ceiling & other overhead space. I have over 10 million square feet of experience to share in a diverse range of commercial & industrial settings.

I'll teach you how to tap into similar opportunities in your area, and give you a blueprint to success in this business. My training manuals have been written with you and mine. Nothing has been left to chance.


"To give you a brief summary of how and why I chose John's program is that I was looking for something with a low investment with a high return. I own two successful franchises in Louisiana and I'm always looking for more opportunities.

I went to a franchise expo in Dallas a few months ago and out of every franchisor there, I really liked a prominent ceiling cleaning company. We actually stayed an extra day and met with them one on one and were sold on their program.

Well, after getting home and doing my homework and looking at different reviews about this leading ceiling cleaning company, mostly bad, I ran across Easy Ceiling Solutions website and was very impressed.

John had already been a ceiling cleaning franchisee and was totally against their methods, and basically everything negative that I had read, were the very things that John was saying he didn't like about their way of doing things.

John's manuals are very easy to understand, his methods are really simple, can be understood and taught to anyone. He explains all of the tricks of the trade, from how to get the job, how to do the job, what to charge, and best of all, when to collect.

Any time I've had a question, he's been there to answer it. Any equipment or supplies that you need can be bought from Wal-Mart or your local hardware store. I now have all of my equipment, all I'm waiting on is my cards, and that should be this week. I'm really pumped.

I don't know of anything else out there where you can invest so little and enjoy such a high return potential. And the beauty of it all is there are no royalties to pay and no franchisors dictating everything you do.

It's really a simple business and you're offering a service that your customer needs and wants. And I don't know about your area, but I'm the only game in town here."

T. Tilley

Franchise Owner

Location: Louisiana


Hi John, Received your manuals and have read them through several times now. They are very thorough and contain a ton of great information. I plan on servicing the commercial kitchen niche as per your advice. It seems like the quickest way to get started and get some business and the most promising in the long run. Thanks for your insight and for creating the manuals. I think it will make a big difference in my life. I'll keep you in the loop and let you know how I'm doing. Thanks again, Todd Rainwater

Location: Oregon


I was very leery of purchasing a business plan and equipment online.

When I looked at other businesses and franchises and found that they cost from $10,000.00 to $65,000.00, this opportunity seemed like a too good to be true' scenario.

One of the first questions that all of the other businesses and franchises asked was; how much working capital (MONEY) do you have?

Then they would start explaining to me what I would be purchasing from them, what the franchise and monthly fees would be until I started to get the work and make money at which point they would take a percentage.

So I am very happy to say that purchasing your business package was a great decision!

Someone like yourself, offering the years of knowledge, experiences, and support, for a one time fee.

In the first two weeks of getting started I have completed two jobs and quoted three others. I have been contacted twice from the website that you put together for me.

My first job was for a tax service company. I made $127.00 in 38 minutes, and that included unloading and loading my jeep!

I just wanted to say thanks again to you and Adriana for the opportunity and your support.

If you have any prospect who would like to talk to someone who has purchased your business package, feel free to give them my contact information.

Thanks again.

Bill Sweeney, Overhead Maintenance Solutions

Location: Wisconsin


"Hands down, this is the best business I've come across.

Low investment with high profit and the added benefit of working out of your home thus reducing your expenses.

Manuals are well written, easy to understand. Read them, act on them, and start your ceiling cleaning business.

When you have questions, John, the owner, answers them fast, accurately, and makes it easily understandable.

I highly recommend."

Bob Domingos

Location: Tennessee



Settings such as supermarkets, department stores, industrial space, banks, offices, movie theatres, banquet halls, restaurants, shopping malls, drugstores, and just about every franchise type food, and retail outlet that exists needs this service on a regular basis.

Industrial type facilities often have an 'open' ceiling, with overhead piping, trusses, beams, ducts, fans, lighting, and other equipment where dust and other particulates have settled. Once this contamination reaches a point of saturation, it begins to fall on the process below. This can become an annoyance or lead to contamination of product, or present a hazard to equipment and workers below.

This 'open concept' can also be found in retail outlets such as large supermarkets, department stores, warehouse & Costco type settings, some food franchises, and more.

In the typical ceiling system type of setting, acoustical, drop ceiling type systems are most prevalent. These tiles range from a standard paper based acoustical ceiling panel, to a sturdier, vinyl covered drywall type (vinyl rock) more commonly found in kitchen areas, and other areas of a high level of potential soiling. This tile type is most desirable here due to it's ability to be scrubbed clean by qualified personnel.


From a financial point of view, I think you would agree that the ceiling system in your environment is a significant investment worth protecting. Depending upon your square footage, we can be talking thousands, to hundreds of thousands or more dollars.

Ceiling and other overhead component aesthetics and functionality are crucially important to your business image and health of your workspace.

In food, pharmaceutical, and other critical spaces, overhead fallout from dust and other contaminating by-products of the process can be a serious issue. Properly maintained ceiling systems keep your ceiling in place much longer than neglected ceiling systems. This in turn means no down time for costly and messy ceiling replacement.

This in turn saves tons of waste ceiling and other overhead material from clogging our landfills. This is a unique and seldom considered compliment to your recycling initiatives.


Good contractors are hard to find too. I stopped referring customers to them a long time ago for this reason. Very little care is taken to protect your space, and clean up is often left up to you.

Downtime can be a significant factor dependent upon the quality and work ethic of the contractor.

Cost can range from $3.00 to $10.00 per square foot. Prices vary depending upon; type of tile and grid system, occupied or unoccupied space, access, ceiling height, level of difficulty, hours of access, disposal costs, presence of asbestos or mold, urgency, or time frame of completion, competitive or non competitive quote...the quality of your negotiating skills.

Always get 2 or 3 estimates and make sure you are comparing apples with apples!

One other important note to consider. If you choose the lowest bidder, be sure to budget a little extra for any damage, unexpected extra downtime, clean up, or poor workmanship.

I have learned a lot over the years, and my intent is to share my experiences so you can make the best decisions.

I have done everything from cleaning, to repairing, to totally replacing ceiling systems. I also have experience refinishing corroded grid systems and diffuser components to the original condition.

I hope this information has been helpful. You will find information on the different pages of my site that may be more pertinent to your needs.

If there is information missing, or a specific question left unanswered, please don't hesitate to contact me for clarification.